Verus Dog Food Review Life Advantage Formula

Verus Dog Food Review Life Advantage Formula


The verus dog food is manufactured in upstate New York and Ohio, while our canine and feline canned formulas are made in South Dakota. The big world of dog food is a confusing and hard one. You can spend a lot of time looking into different choices but still feel like you’ve found nothing. Many dog food brands say they are the best choice for your pet. But how do you know which ones mean it? We are here to assist you in sorting through brands and learn if a company’s promises match its quality.

Today, we will examine Verus dog foods. This is a not-famous company. They want to give good stuff and modern ways of making things for pets. Their goal is healthy, all-round pet food from start to finish. Keep reading to find out everything about Verus and how they are different from others.

Verus Dog Food Reviewed

Who Creates Verus Dog Food and Where Is It Made?

Russell Armstrong started Verus Dog Foods in 1993. This is a family (and long-running) business that makes its dry food in New York’s countryside. The blue-colored canned foods are made in South Dakota, and the green color labels along with cat face labels come from New Zealand. All foods are made in places with EU approval.

What Kind of Dog is Verus Best for?

No matter how old or big your dog is, and whatever they need to eat, Verus will most likely have the right food for them. They provide meals made with grain, without grain, dry kibble, and canned food from many kinds of high-quality animal protein sources. Their canned foods can be used to add extra flavor to a meal or eaten all by themselves.

The company makes it simple for dog owners to find out which recipe will work best with their “Dietary Needs” chart. This chart is on the website under the Nutrition tab. It shows various health conditions and special diet needs, then tells you what food can meet your dog’s requirements.

What Kind of Dog Might Be Better with a Different Brand?

If your dog needs special food under a doctor’s care or does well only eating fresh things, Verus has too many choices. But you can find something that works for sure.

Talking about the Main Components (Good and Bad) of a Thing.

We checked all the lists of ingredients in every recipe that Verus provides. We’ve given a quick summary of all the main parts of their dog food recipes. We like Verus because they give a complete list of all the things they use in their products and explain each one briefly on their website.

Chicken/Chicken Meal

Chicken has a lot of protein and important amino acids. It’s a typical animal protein used in almost all commercial dog foods. Chicken meal is the dried stuff made from chicken. It has four times more protein than normal food. It can have meat, skin, and bones but Verus foods don’t come with heads or feet. They also won’t include feathers or guts inside them.

If your dog has a chicken allergy, then it’s not good for them. So you will need to find another protein source and stay away from both chicken meat and chicken meal because they can be problematic.

Lamb/Lamb Meal

Lamb is a meat with little fat that has important building blocks called amino acids too. It has less fat than most other protein foods, so it is often used in weight-loss meals. Lamb meal is made from cooked lamb meat and parts. It has a lot more protein than regular meat.

Menhaden Fish Meal

Menhaden fish meal is made from crushing up whole menhaden fish or parts of them. These fish are caught, kept naturally, and put in the freezer right away. Menhaden fish is a really good source of protein, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.


Salmon is a great protein source that has lots of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s wonderful for good health defenses, and skin and coat wellness. Even helps lessen swelling too. It’s often chosen by people with allergies who have trouble eating foods like chicken or beef that contain protein.

Oat Groats

Oat groats are husk-free bits of oats. They are complex sugars that give your dog energy in his food. They have lots of fiber, B vitamins, iron, and protein.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a good food that has complex carbs. It gives you fiber and protein in your diet. It works as an energy source because it’s a place to get carbohydrates. This is a usual ingredient in many store-bought dry meals.


Barley is another type of food that gives you carbs and fiber along with other good things. It’s a grain that gives energy but doesn’t have much nutritional value for dogs.

Rice Bran

Rice Bran is made when white rice is produced. It’s created after the outer layers of brown rice are removed during processing. Rice bran has tiny nutrients and gives dietary fiber.


White potatoes are loaded with carbs and have a fiber-to-protein ratio that helps your dog feel full. They go well with animal proteins and provide a good amount of potassium, and vitamins C and B6.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are great for getting complex carbs. They have many kinds of vitamins, minerals, and beta-carotene. They give a lot of energy, make vision good, and taste sweet for better flavor.


Lentils are a type of food that has good carbs and lots of B vitamins. They also have dietary fiber which is important for our health. This food helps control blood sugar, especially in animals that have diabetes.


Peas are a type of food that has many carbs and is filled with fiber, vitamins C & E plus zinc. They’re often found in grain-free foods made for people to eat.

Chicken Fat

Adding animal fat to dog food gives a big nutrition boost. Chicken is a balanced, good type of fat to use.

Verus Slow Cook Process

This food company slows down its cooking process at lower temperatures. Cooking dog foods at high temperatures can cause their nutritional value to drop a lot. Verus’s method keeps nutrients, improves taste, and helps change starch into food for easier digestion.

European Union Certification

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service created European Union certification in reaction to the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy problem. This was a plan used all around the world to get rid of diseases spread by food.

An EU certification needs all animal products in pet foods to be seen as good for humans. No meat will come from animals that are sick, old, or got hurt while being treated badly.

How Long Can I Keep Verus Dog Food on the Shelf?

Every dry food recipe will have a “best by date” that is 18 months from the day it was made. All food in a can made by Verus lasts on the shelf for 3 years from when it was made.

Where can you buy Verus Dog Food?

You can buy Verus dog food from different places in many countries, and even some worldwide. They don’t sell their products a lot. They only do it in certain states of the United States, especially ones to the northeast part. Go to their website and click on the “Where to Buy” button. Look for a store close by you there.

People who can’t go to stores or businesses that sell Verus can buy it easily online at Amazon and other websites like Hearty Pet, etc.

Why isn’t Verus More Popular?

Verus isn’t famous or a name most people know, especially in areas where the food is not sold in local shops. Their website says they put money into good ingredients and healthy ways of making food, instead of spending too much on ads.

The Top 3 Verus Dog Food Recipes: Easy and Yummy for Your Pet!

Dry Dog Food by Verus Life Advantage for Pets.

The main ingredients in the Verus Life Advantage formulas are chicken meal, crushed oat groats, ground brown rice, bran from hard white rice, and fat from chickens. This good food recipe is made to follow AAFCO dog food nutrient rules for all life stages.

This recipe uses chicken that’s grown without hormones or antibiotics. It includes a guaranteed check of at least 24% minimum raw protein and 15% low fat. There are no meat leftovers, fake colors, or tastes and fillers. In this recipe, there is no sugar, corn, wheat, or soy.

Verus Life Advantage has mixed minerals for easy absorption and uses living probiotics that are dried to stay fresh, along with chicory root extract as a prebiotic. This helps digestion and keeping your immune system healthy. This recipe also has a good amount of Omega fatty acids and L-carnitine. These are healthy for you.

This is a full and fair meal plan that uses grains. It works well for dogs of every age. It’s a bit pricey, but you get top-notch quality for it. Dogs that are allergic to chicken should not eat this recipe, though.

Fresh Dry Dog Food for Cold Water Fish by Verus.

The Verus Cold Water Fish Fresh dry dog food is a favorite grain-free kibble that’s good for dogs with allergies. This recipe uses wild-caught salmon, menhaden fish meal, lentils chickpeas, and peas. These ingredients are high in protein and omega fatty acids.

Just like all other Verus recipes, there’s no meat scraps or extra stuff in it. Also, this doesn’t have any fake colors or tastes from artificial sources. The chelated minerals are ready for easy use. You have freeze-dried living probiotics, prebiotics, fish oil full of omega 3, and l-carnitine in place to support your whole body well.

This recipe doesn’t have any corn, wheat, soy, or sugar. It is made to meet the AAFCO dog food nutrition levels for every life phase. So, it can see your dog from when they’re a puppy until they become an adult.

The price of the food is higher because it’s really good quality. This recipe is good for people with some protein allergies or those on a grain-free diet. But it’s not the best choice for others who need diets that include grains.

Verus Turkey and Veggie Pate in a Can.

The Verus Turkey and Veggie Pate are one of the many canned food choices that are like a pate. It has turkey, broth from the turkey, liver of the turkey, and brown rice plus oats as its main first 5 things.

This dog food recipe is made to meet all life stages of dogs and can be used as a topper or full meal. Canned food tastes very good, has lots of water for extra drinks, and is great even if someone doesn’t like to eat much. It is also a good choice for dogs with any dental problems or who have trouble chewing.

Turkey is a good and safe food with protein that has important amino acids. The cans do not have BPA and can be recycled. For people who like different types of protein, Verus has lots of canned food made from animal proteins.

It can cost a lot to eat only one thing, especially for big dogs. So it’s suggested that you mix dry food (kibble) with breast milk as well so both types of eating are good.

What Other Users Are Saying?

It’s always helpful to hear what other dog owners say about certain pet food. That’s why it is necessary to look at the various stores and read what customers say.

Amazon – Since we own pets, we always like to read Amazon reviews for a complete and honest opinion about the foods being reviewed. To read reviews about Verus dog food, just click here.

Verus – You can see lots of praised comments right on the Verus website. Go to their testimonials page here and see what customers have said.


Verus Dog Food is a company that does what it says. They provide high-quality and healthy foods for pets. They have lots of different dry dog food and also many choices for canned pet meals.

No matter if your dog is young or old, big or small, a special breed, and has health issues: you should be able to find food that works for you. Verus might cost more than some other choices and not be as famous, but you can feel good knowing your dog is getting a healthy meal with everything needed.

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