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As for exotic designer dogs, the Pyredoodle is a rather interesting hybrid that gives off both the Labrador Poodle and the Great Pyrenees. This delightful dog’s breed shares the protective characteristic of the Great Pyrenees and the intellect of the Poodle and doesn’t shed hair. If you have planned to adopt a new member to your family, then Pyredoodle may be the best option for you. These are non-aggressive dogs and can make excellent family pets, especially for families with children.

This breed’s personality, as well as their appearance, makes them stand out, and when with them, people are sure to notice you. This complete and detailed article will explore all the necessary aspects concerning Pyredoodles from the origin, finding the physical features of a Pyredoodle, its health, and the required steps for the training process. This article has outlined the key aspects that make the Pyredoodle to be unique and maybe the best choice for you.


The Pyredoodle is one of the most refined dog breeds that have lots of extra features that prove their hybrid origin. Usually, their offspring is characterized by the Great Pyrenees’ massive bone structure coupled with the Poodle hair texture which is curly and does not shed. As for the Pyredoodle size, you’re likely to end up with a medium to large breed of dog that, when full-grown, is usually 22 to 32 inches tall; and weighs 85 to 100 pounds. Along with this giant size, the man has proportional body and leg development, as well as a pleasant open countenance.

The coat colors on full-grown Pyredoodles may include white, cream, gray, and at times black. Their coats are mostly wavy or curly, which also makes the breed to be hypoallergenic. They are ideal for people with allergies which makes them very special. Cladding of a double layer of sleek Great Pyrenees coat and Poodle’s curly coarse coat thus produces a striking, fancy, protective, and stylish coat. You may also like to read about Tree Hanging Cow Dog: History and Characteristics.


Another type of Poodle hybrid is the Pyredoodle which was termed as the relatively new designer breed that rose to popularity in the past decades. The designers of this hybrid intended to use favorable features of both Great Pyrenees and Poodle. The Great Pyrenees’ have been utilized as livestock guardians in high-altitude areas of France and Spain and as such are territorial and protective of their charges. On the other hand, the Poodle is said to have originally been developed in Germany; it is intelligent and very mobile, and its fur does not cause allergic reactions.
The goal set by breeders was to get a dog that would possess the guarding and fragile temper of Great Pyrenees and also the obedience and coat with no undercoat of a Poodle. This is the Pyredoodle that is loyal, friendly, and active, and thus a suitable animal to undertake different tasks such as assisting the family, in therapy among others.


It is about the temperament of the Pyredoodle that people find rather attractive, and that is the dog’s friendliness. These dogs are friendly with people and thus are great for families as they guard their owners. They are especially friendly with kids, which requires tolerance and delicacy especially if the family has young children.
It is also important to know that Pyredoodles are rather intelligent and love to obey their owners. They are rather obedient and easy to train, however, they may have shades of Great Pyrenees’ temper and may be rather stubborn at times. Hence, proper socialization from childhood is important to enable them to be socially acceptable people in society.
Nonetheless, Pyredoodle grownups are usually not so reactive due to their vast size and prefer to spend a lot of time with their families. Huge energy is derived from interaction with people and they can even develop a condition such as anxiety when left alone for quite some time. Thus, it is more appropriate for those households where they can have somebody who will accompany them for most of the time.


As for any breed, there are specificities in the cases of Pyredoodles with which they can be born. Nevertheless, hybrid vigor in many cases indicates that the offspring can often be in better physical health than the parents. Other health problems that Schipperkes is prone to are hip dysplasia, bloating, skin issues inherited from Poodle Addison’s disease, and eye disease.
It is very important to take your Pyredoodle for checkups by the vet seeing that they are susceptible to illnesses. A proper diet and exercise can equally protect joints and other complications that result from obesity. This is what will help understand what your dog should be fed well, to be put on a good diet, and make it active to increase its life span.


These dogs may look quite calm but they need to have their daily exercise to lead very healthy lives. It is best if it gets both physical and mental exercises, primarily because the breed is intelligent. Walking your dog once or several times a day, allowing it to play outdoors or in the yard, and providing toys that the Pyredoodle can play with are some ways.
Pyredoodles have a herding instinct and like to fly from time to time due to the Great Pyrenees nature. Hence, a covered compound that is fenced helps ensure that they do not stray out. They also appreciate those games which can be solved with their brain and these include toy puzzles and training games.
It is important to adjust the amount and type of exercises to the Pyredoodle’s size and age. One thing is that adult Pyredoodles may not be as active as the puppies and hence may reduce the intense exercises. Nevertheless, they need to engage in some form of physical activity to keep their physical as well as psychological health in good condition.


Pyredoodle is generally obedient, intelligent, and keen on pleasing so training him can be a very delightful activity. Obedience training of the puppy should be initiated early so that the dog will not be trained to adopt improper behavior patterns. Positive reinforcement is effective for training this breed using such tools as a treat or verbal encouragement.
One thing that must be understood about a Pyredoodle is that they need to be trained well and consistently. Such dogs require their training to be distinct with frequent use of the same words and, especially, actions. It was also necessary for them to go to school early for them to become well-mannered and disciplined adults. Soc his/her/their/its Pyredoodle to people, places, and things so that they would not develop fear as a means of handling situations.

Pyredoodles are usually easy to train, but their Great Pys side can make them very independent and sometimes even stubborn. Also one must be patient and if one can enroll him or herself and the puppy into a puppy training class it will be of great help.


An important factor to consider when owning a Pyredoodle is its diet, this is important in the general health of the dog. A well-balanced diet will help him/her to grow well and also give him/her a boost to carry out other activities as they will be full of energy. The dog’s diet must be selected according to its size and age because the nutritional demands on their organism also change as the animal grows.
The most common type of feeding of Pyredoodle includes feeding the dog twice a day as overfeeding increases the risk of the dog Developing bloat which is a common disease that affects large breeds of dogs. It is therefore recommended that you always give them fresh water and avoid giving them table offal, Chocolate, grapes, and onions are poisonous to dogs.
As for feeding, it is advisable to discuss the issue with the veterinarian to know the proper diet the Pyredoodle needs depending on the dog’s daily activities. That means that obesity and related illnesses can be managed by constant checks on their weight and the corresponding feed.

Color and Grooming

Pyredoodles come in various colors: white, cream, gray, and black intermingled with Pale blue, baby pink, and beige. Their coat can be wavy or curly, they may also take the low shedding, hypoallergenic characteristics of the Poodle strain. This makes them rather suitable for use by those people who have allergies. Bathing, brushing, and trimming your Pyredoodle’s hair is important to maintain the favorable health of its skin and coat and prevent matting and tangling of hair. To keep it in a good state, the cloth must be brushed at least with some frequency, ideally a couple of times a week. bathing is also suggested every 6 to 8 weeks to get trimmed and tidied by professional groomers. The coat care requirement is aside from nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental care for Pyredoodles. Going to the dentist several times a week can assist them in avoiding dental problems and also have fresh breaths. During grooming time, it is easy to look for other related ailments such as skin rashes or infected ears among others.

Facts About the Pyredoodle

  • This breed can also be referred to as the Great Pyredoodle.
  • Pyredoodle size is rather large; the weight can vary from 85 to 100 pounds.
  • That is why they can be classified as hypoallergenic and they are rather popular among people sensitive to certain allergens.
  • Pyredoodle adults as other poodles are generally harmless and are good family dogs.
  • This breed uses both the guard factors of the Great Pyrenees and the intelligence of the Poodle genes.
  • It has been observed that Pyredoodles are friendly dogs especially when it comes to children and other pets.
  • They typically have an average life cycle ranging from ten to twelve years.
  • He requires frequent exercise and mental stimulation, for which proper health care should be provided.
  • Pyredoodle puppies should undergo early socialization and training for it will shape the personality of the dog.


Therefore, the Pyredoodle is one of the finest hybrids of the canine world that has inherited the characteristics of the Great Pyrenees and Poodle breeds. They are intelligent, and also they will not shed much, therefore are suitable for everyone, especially families. Due to this character, Pyredoodles will be lovable dogs in any home that they are taken to. Your Pyredoodle will live a long, happy, and healthy life if you pay attention to their requirements and provide them the care they require.

When thinking about bringing a Pyredoodle into your home, keep in mind that these dogs need company and regular exercise. They are unique among designer breeds because of their remarkable beauty and loving, devoted nature. You’ll have a loyal and loving friend for many years to come if you provide them with the right training, food, and exercise. Why then wait? Experience the happiness and companionship that this lovely breed has to offer by bringing a Pyredoodle home today.

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