How To Get Dog Smell Out Of Blankets?

How To Get Dog Smell Out Of Blankets?

Adoring a dog’s company is wonderful, but it may be hard to rid blankets of their unique smell. The inquiry, “How to get dog smell out of blankets?” arises because the stench might stay for a long time. We cover all the bases in this detailed tutorial, from practical procedures to safety issues, so you can get rid of that smell for good.

Find out how to change your dog’s blankets into a clean, welcome sanctuary by following these steps: selecting the correct detergents, safely washing, and drying.

How Do I Get My Dog’s Smell Out of His Blanket?

Pick up a detergent that works wonders on pet scents if you want to remove that stinky dog smell from his blanket. Before you wash your dog’s blanket, be sure the detergent isn’t harmful to either. Launder the blanket in cold water using a washing machine, being sure to soak it first.

If you want your blanket to retain its enticing scent yet get rid of that unpleasant odour, this section will teach you how to wash it effectively. Follow these procedures to clean your dog’s blanket thoroughly, bringing back its vibrancy and making it a pleasant place to be, free of lingering smells.

Safety Note: Mixing Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar with Detergent

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are powerful cleaning agents, but using them with care is important for safety reasons. Although these commonplace materials may work, you’ll need to be cautious when you mix them. Possible side effects from combining vinegar with hydrogen peroxide have been reported.

In this part, we stress how important it is to use these parts sparingly, making sure they don’t interact in a manner that may ruin everything. Follow the instructions to the letter, stay away from any mixes that might hurt your dog, and create a safe space for your cleaning supplies and your pet’s health to ensure a safe and effective cleaning.

Drying Tips to Help Remove the Smell from a Dog’s Blanket

Drying thoroughly is crucial for getting rid of any residual dog odours from blankets. Get the most out of your drying machine after washing your blanket, so it comes out fresh and smells great. Apply heat to the medium-to-high setting. For an extra pleasing finish, try adding dryer sheets or a fabric softener with a faint aroma.

If you want your product to seem fresh and appealing, be sure you dry it completely to stop mold and mildew from growing. By following these drying instructions, you can ensure that your blankets will be clean and odor-free, creating a comfortable haven for your beloved dog.

How to Prevent My Dog’s Blanket from Smelling

Being proactive is the best way to keep your dog’s blanket odor-free. Preserving freshness is made easier with regular washing, preferably once a week. To avoid unpleasant odours, think about choosing a detergent that is safe for pets. Implement preventative measures, such as quickly cleaning any dirty places, to keep things from getting worse.

As an extra defence against odours, you may cover the dog’s bed with a detachable and washable cover. If you want to keep bad smells out of your assigned sleeping space, make sure it has enough ventilation.

To prevent odours from accumulating, wash your dog’s bedding, toys, and other possessions regularly. You can maintain a clean and inviting blanket for your dog by following these preventative measures.


In conclusion, the inquiry: “How to get dog smell out of blankets?” arises because the stench might stay for a long time. Before you can turn your dog’s blankets into a clean sanctuary, you must use the correct detergents and follow safe cleaning procedures.

When planning for a comfortable atmosphere, be sure to include the best drying processes and continuously use preventative measures. All the while, making a cosy haven for you and your loyal dog is the primary goal. By accepting these last ideas, you start a never-ending search for cleanliness, making sure that your dog’s blankets stay welcoming and smell-free.

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