do puppies miss their mom

Do Puppies Miss their Mom (Mother Dog)?? FunFact

The prospect of adopting a puppy and thus bringing a bundle of joy home is thrilling and fascinating. We, as parental figures to our bouncy pets, are eager to give them ours and their devoted heartfulness, to ensure their health and well-being.

Despite the fuzzy and busy sessions of playtime and learning how to train your dog, have you wondered about the emotional journey the puppies pass, especially during the days they stay far away from their mommy? In this article, we delve into the intriguing question: Whether puppies remember their mother is still a controversial issue among scientists. 

 The Mother-Puppy Bond:

 The mother-dog pupil’s relationship is so strong that the majority of it leaves no doubt. From the time they are born until the end of their elimination phase, puppies depend only on their mother for warmth, nourishment, and protection. The built-in know-how for mother dogs to nurture and instruct their newborns goes beyond human comprehension- they blow love to their infants not only through affection but also by teaching about life wisdom. 

do puppies miss their mom

Research in canine behavior has shown that the first several weeks spent by pups with their mother determine how the social development and emotional maturation of the puppies. Puppies can learn a lot of key lessons from the mother, like how to let their voice be heard through body language, get their emotions under control, and avoid any problems in the surroundings. 

Separation Anxiety in Puppies:

 Much the same holds for puppies upon separation from their mother or siblings as young human infants experience detachment. The onset of separation anxiety is reflected in the puppy’s stress or restlessness when he is left alone in a place to which he is not familiar and this leads to his constant yapping and pacing or inappropriate chewing. 

Maternal separation may cause various behavior disorders in puppies. Young puppies may implement different stemming from the loss of their mother and littermates.  Thus, separation can cause feelings of fear and insecurity. These first weeks are critical for a puppy parent and the puppy has to be assisted, as the pet might be stressed with his position in the new surroundings, so the parent has to give a lot of sympathies and help the pet with the stress. 

Do Puppies Miss Their Mom?

Although a puppy’s show of feelings is different from that of humans, there has been some evidence that they too possess the sense of being distressed at being separated from their mom and the litter by themselves. Numerous dog owners combined with the breeders admit that they have noticed behaviors in puppies that they do when they think their mother is missing, for example, they seem to be looking for her scent, making sounds, or trying to get comfort from their owner. 

The employees of the clinics and animal behavior specialists also soundly believe that there is a strong emotional bond between puppies and their mothers. Results from different tests demonstrated that infant pups reacted strangely and seemed to be distressed when they were separated from their mother.  It showed that the maternal bond is very important in an infant’s life. 

Fun Fact: Overview of Puppies’ Developmental Landmarks

 Did you know that puppies undergo many milestones in their development in the span of a couple of weeks after birth? Beginning with opening their eyes the first time to taking their first tentative steps while discovering and exploring the world, each growth phase of a puppy is filled with amazement and discovery. The quick formation of inter-people and building the surroundings knowledge by puppies develop in the puppy’s mind.  The process shows a puppy how to interact with humans or animals. 

It is possible to learn about salient puppy developmental milestones that will inform you about their emotional needs and also what their behavioral tendencies are. We not only realize the crucial point of puppies’ formation during their early life but also create certain measures for their cultivation so that they are well-nurtured and grow. 

Prescriptive Advice to Accelerating Puppy Conforming:

Since proper pet parents, we must create a favorable environment that will help puppies adjust to their mum. Here are some practical tips for helping puppies cope with separation anxiety and transition smoothly into their new home:

  • Take it slow to help your puppy feel at home in unfamiliar surroundings like new houses, sounds, and smells.  It is only normal for them to be scared. 
  • Set an efficient, regular schedule for feeding, playing, and sleeping, which will allow the dog to have a sense of stability and routine leading to reduced anxiety. 
  • Apply positive reinforcement methods, like rewards and applause, to maintain the right social skills learned and build confidence. 
  •  Give many chances to communicate with people and dogs, leading to the creation of healthy human and dog relationships and the reduction of loneliness. 
  •  Develop a haven of their own, a small and secure spot in which they can relax or be alone, like a crate or a separate relaxed space. 
  • Through the arts, action will be used to eliminate separation anxiety and encourage emotional health.  This will promote the puppies’ sense of belonging and love. 


In conclusion, the strong attachment that puppies carry to their mothers takes place immediately after birth.  This bond determines development and behavior throughout their lives. A puppy can feel separation anxiety and emotional distress when their mother is not around.  It may take time, the mental prowess to understand the dogs, attention, and love to enable our youngest dogs to make the adjustment and thrive in this stage of their puppyhood.

As caring pet parents, let us not just preserve but enhance the beautiful relationships we built with our dear companions, providing them with the right care and support so they would have a fulfilling life.

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