Can Dogs Get High from Blowing Smoke in the Ear?

Can Dogs Get High from Blowing Smoke in the Ear?

As simple as cuddling up on the sofa or going for a walk in the park, many pet owners find delight in the company of their four-legged friends. On the other hand, we must always keep in mind the risks that certain human actions, like smoking, might bring to our feline companions. “Can dogs get high from blowing smoke in the ear?” is a very reasonable and common concern.

This in-depth blog post will explore the many ways in which dogs are affected by secondhand smoke.

Can Dogs Get High from Second-Hand Smoke?

Although it may seem that puffing smoke into a dog’s ear would have the same impact as direct inhalation, the truth is more nuanced. The endocannabinoid system includes cannabinoid receptors in animal bodies, just as it does in human bodies.

Though these receptors are present in humans at a higher concentration than in dogs. Unfortunately, cannabinoids are not very well absorbed when inhaled via a dog’s ear, thus it’s very doubtful that this procedure will have the intended effect.

The Symptoms of Pot Smoke Affecting Dogs

Administering smoke directly into the ear of a dog may not have any intoxicating effects, but prolonged exposure to secondhand smoke can still harm their health. The cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of many compounds in marijuana that pose health risks to dogs.

Weakness, confusion, dilated pupils, and arrhythmia are some of the symptoms that might develop in dogs when they use marijuana. Consciousness loss or even coma may ensue in extreme circumstances.

Can Second-Hand Smoke Kill Dogs?

Smoke in the air is harmful to humans, but it may be fatal for dogs as well. When people are constantly in the vicinity of smokers, they raise their chances of developing respiratory problems including pneumonia and bronchitis.

Smoke and tobacco products both contain nicotine, which may be harmful to dogs if they consume too much of it. Smoking causes nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, tremors, and, in the worst instances, death. To ensure the safety of your dogs, it is essential to make sure they do not interact with smoke.

Can Dogs Get High from Vape Smoke?

Whether or if vaping might produce intoxication in dogs is a legitimate concern for many pet owners. Vaping does not expose dogs to the same levels of toxins as regular tobacco smoke, but it is still dangerous. For dogs, the nicotine in vape pen juice is poisonous.

Nicotine poisoning, which may be inhaled via the vapor, can cause stomach upset, racing heart, and agitation. Furthermore, there is a lack of solid evidence about the long-term consequences of inhaling vaporized drugs; thus, it is prudent to exercise care and protect your dogs from vaping.

Preventing Exposure and Protecting Your Dog

The following are some things you can take to protect your dog from the unhealthy effects of secondhand smoke:

Designate a Smoke-Free Zone: Create a designated location in your house where your dog may go to escape smoking.

Quit Smoking: If you smoke, you’re endangering your pet’s health as well as your own. You may quit smoking with the help of loved ones or a program designed just for men.

Ventilate Your Home: Make sure your home has enough ventilation to lower the amount of smoke particles in your living area.

Keep Smoking Materials Secure:  To cut down on the risk of your dog accidentally ingesting smoking materials, be sure to keep cigars, cigarettes, and other smoking items stored in a secure location.

Educate Guests:  Let your visitors know that you’re determined to keep your pet smoke-free and ask for their help.


In conclusion, just because can dogs get high from blowing smoke in the ear? they’ll be safe from the health risks associated with secondhand smoke. Pet owners need to be knowledgeable about the hazards associated with cannabis smoking, since it may cause a variety of symptoms in dogs, from slight discomfort to critical illnesses.

Essential actions in protecting your dog’s well-being include creating a smoke-free environment, stopping smoking, and taking proactive efforts to safeguard them. The key to a fulfilling and amicable relationship with your dog is making their well-being your priority.

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