Are Dogs Allowed In REI

Are Dogs Allowed In REI?

Are Dogs Allowed In REI?REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is a popular destination for those in need of outdoor recreation equipment. It’s a reasonable question for any experienced outdoor enthusiast to ask: “Are dogs allowed in REI?” This question is vital for individuals who want to explore the great outdoors with their canine pals.

In this article, we’ll explore REI’s policy on bringing pets into the store, arming you with the knowledge you need for a stress-free and joyful shopping trip.

Understanding REI’s Pet Policy:

Due to this, it’s no surprise that REI, which serves the outdoor community, values dogs highly. The good news is that canine companions are welcome at most REI locations. Dogs may or may not be allowed in the business, depending on the shop’s policies and local laws. Before taking your furry buddy shopping with you, it’s a good idea to find out what their pet policy is.

Are dogs allowed in REI or not?

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) shops are dog-friendly, so that’s a good place to bring Fido. It’s crucial to remember, however, that each store’s policy on canine visitors will naturally be different, depending on its region and the laws in effect there. Before bringing your dog to a REI shop, it is essential to verify the specific store’s pet policy.

To guarantee the safety and comfort of all customers and employees, it is important to keep your dog on a leash and under control at all times, especially in dog-friendly establishments.

Taking Your Dog to REI:

There are a few things to remember if you want to bring your dog into a REI store:

Store-Specific Policies:

Are Dogs Allowed In REI?Check the shop’s pet policy before bringing Fido with you to an REI store. This data is available on the REI website or by calling the shop. Some retailers may have limitations on some items due to store policies or physical constraints.

Leash and Control:

Even if a business accepts dogs, it’s vital to keep your furry buddy on a leash and under control at all times. This keeps you, your fellow shoppers, and the store’s employees safe and happy.

Service Animals:

When it comes to service animals, please keep in mind that pet dogs are not the same thing. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that service animals be permitted in all public venues, whereas companion dogs are permitted in many REI shops. Take care that your dog doesn’t bother other people.

Outdoor Spaces:

Some REI shops provide outdoor areas perfect for testing out bikes, tents, and other camping essentials. It’s important to be aware of your dog’s conduct and any regulations that may be posted, even in dog-friendly places.

Pet-Friendly Events:

REI periodically offers outdoor activities and workshops that are pet-friendly. It’s best to double-check; however, some of these places may allow pets. Pet-friendly activities give a terrific chance for you and your dog to learn and explore together.

Local Regulations and Considerations:

Whether or not dogs are permitted at a certain REI shop may be contingent on factors outside the company’s corporate policy. Some metropolitan areas, for instance, may have more stringent pet laws than others owing to space constraints or legislation. A strong connection between outdoor enthusiasts and the towns they visit depends on everyone involved being aware of and adhering to these restrictions.

Tips for a Positive Experience:

Here are some things to keep in mind to make your trip to REI enjoyable for both you and your dog:


Are Dogs Allowed In REI?Ensure your dog is well-trained and listens to simple instructions. This is of utmost significance while in close quarters or indoors.


Take into account how your dog reacts to different settings. Dogs who aren’t used to being in crowded places should probably stay at home.

Pet-Friendly Products:

Products Safe for Pets Explore the wide variety of dog-friendly hiking gear, portable water bowls, and camping gear for pets available at REI. Shopping at REI may improve your outdoor experiences with your dog in a number of ways.


Before bringing your dog into a REI shop, it’s polite to double-check with a member of staff to make sure animals are welcome. You and other customers may be spared some hassle by taking this additional measure.


While most REI stores are dog-friendly in general, it’s important to research the pet restrictions of your nearest shop before visiting. You and your animal buddy may have a great time at REI as long as you follow the rules, comply with local legislation, and don’t bother other customers. Keep your dog under control by keeping him on a leash, and you’ll create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone who enjoys the outdoors for the same reasons you do.

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