10 Beautiful Tall Skinny Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

10 Beautiful Tall Skinny Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

The tall skinny dog is the most unique breed because there are all sorts of dog breeds in the world. All come in small and large, short-haired or long-haired varieties, with a wide range of personalities to match any family.

However, some dogs may not be the tallest in general but achieve the greatest fame on account of their long legs. This kind of tall skinny dog breed is most associated with the sighthound breed groups, but not everyone on four legs has long legs.

Tall Skinny Dog Breeds

1: Afghan Hound Tall Skinny Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound tall skinny dog

The Afghan Hound is also thought to be the eldest pedigree dog breed its ancestors can be traced back before written records. Thus, it will never be known for sure when and where these dogs came into existence. However, the theory is that they must have come from what is now split into Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

Breed Hound
Height 25-27 inches
Temperament Sweet, loyal, independent
Lifespan 12-18 years


Although the tall skinny dogs of an Afghan Hound are hidden by their sleek fur, they lend greater elegance, a style once admired among Asian aristocrats and royalty. This imperial grace won them favor with the British gentry when the breed first came to Britain shortly after 1900 via soldiers returning from service abroad.

2: Azawakh 

This breed, pronounced Az-a-walk, originated in the arid desert of the Sahel Zone and southern Sahara. Thin-bodied, longest-legged, and whippet speedy sprinters they are short-haired and bred to be a sighthound.

Breed Hound
Height 23.5-29 inches
Temperament Loyal, Independent, Affectionate,
Lifetime 12-15 Year

Their longest-legged / tall skinny dog breeds and body shape give the Azawakh an almost fragile appearance, but it is a sturdy breed bred to protect their owners and livestock as well as catch prey. They were designed to deal with the rough terrain favored by the Tuareg nomads, and they used them to hunt hares as well as larger game such as boar and antelope. Their original nomadic owners called them idii n’ allele, which means sighthound of the free people.


3: Borzoi 


Formerly known as the Russian Wolfhound, it is quiet and loving. But quick-as-a flash. The packs were bred to help with the wolf hunts that occurred in Romanov Russia. Their role was enormous at both festivals and ritualized killings of game animals. This longest-legged and slim stature is simply their original design.

Breed Hound
Temperament Loyal, affectionate, calm
Lifetime 9-14 year height
Height 26-28 inches


In the course of their breeding, these festivals invested an enormous amount of time effort, and money in providing a very valuable stimulus to them. It was not until the dogs were exported to America in 1936 that their name changed from Russian Wolfhounds. The American breeders changed the name of the dog to borzyi, a Russian word for swift.

4: Greyhound Tall Skinny Dog Breed


The Greyhound goes back 5,00 years to ancient Egypt. These dogs were hunters who required speed and deftness of foot to bring down desert natives. Tall Skinny Dog Greyhounds’ longest-legged, slender inverted-S shape body and narrow skull give them a ruthless advantage over other dog breeds when it comes to sprinting. Today they are still one of the fastest dogs around.

Breed Hound
Height 27-30
Temperament Gentle, Noble, Independent
Lifetime 10-13 Years


Not only does the Greyhound’s body shape enhance their speed, but it also benefits them in other ways. Since their ancestors were owned by the pharaohs they have been deemed elegant for their slender appearance.

5: Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound
Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the world’s biggest dogs, so you can imagine its children have the longest legs to go along with their towering height. You wouldn’t guess these muscled-bodied dogs would run with you either. Their speed, strength, and size minimized the danger they faced in 15th-century Ireland when hunting big game animals or wolves.

Breed Hound
Lifetime 6-8 Year
Height 30-32 inches
Temperament Brave, Calm, Dignified

The animals themselves are just so good at what they do that when the 16th century rolled around and all Irishmen’s favorite prey was finally extinct, ironically their armed guardians came within an inch of becoming victims as well. In 1862, Captain George Augustus Graham of the British Army dedicated his life to reinstating and preserving the tall skinny dog breeds. Through this intense effort, he bred the friendly and trusty Irish Wolfhound that see today.

6: Saluki


Hound breeds such as the sleek, beautifully-limbed Saluki have long been popular with aristocratic owners. All sighthounds are swift, agile, and loyal, with keen hunting instincts. Their speed and tall skinny dog breeds allowed them to bring down gazelle for their human companions.

Breed Hound
Height 23 – 28 inches
Lifespan 10 – 17 years
Temperament dignified, gentle, Independent


Among the oldest dog breeds, they have much history accompanying them in the kings of old it is particularly pharaoh dogs. Although the line is reproduced from year to year, it doesn’t differ much from his ancestor of 15 years ago.

7: Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound
Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is an ancient breed that has fallen into obscurity due to its characteristics like a tall skinny dog. Their story of origin is much muddied by time. Their name says it all: they were bred to hunt deer in the Scottish Highlands. Their tough, hairy visages reflect the unforgiving character of their homeland. They are like wild beasts able to cope with all those Scottish tempests and rains! The long legs are also of great use in the rough terrain.

Breed Hound
Lifespan 8 – 11 years right
Height 28 – 32 inches
Temperament polite, dignified, Gentle


They help them run quickly, and they aid their balance when running at speed on uneven ground. But as the big game that they hunted was gradually wiped out, Greyhounds took their place. Their popularity slowly waned away until today only a few survive. They, however, continued to be common in Scotland where many large deer survived their continuing hunt.

8: Whippet Tall Skinny Dog


Similar in appearance to the Greyhound, Whippets are built of rag-like coats and possess longest-legged dog breeds as well. Their body is slender like a two-by-four, making them an excellent sprinter with great natural speediness. Compared with the Greyhound, they are slightly smaller in size and can be easily distinguished from them.

Breed Hound
Height 18 – 22 inches
Lifetime 12 – 15 years
Temperament playful, calm, Affectionate


Because of the smaller and more manageable size of these dogs, they were called the “poor man’s racehorse.” It was during the Victorian period in England that this dog of the United Kingdom first became a popular pet, and coal miners bred them here. They were bred to meet the limited funds available for feeding them, which is what any miner could afford.

9: Akbash


The Akbash hails from western Turkey and is one of several white livestock guardian breeds cherished for their suspicion of strangers. They were bred to guard the sheep against wolves and other enemies. While they aren’t recognized by the AKC, in 1980 dogs of this type were used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to participate in its predator control program, which was implemented during that year as well.

Breed Guardian
Height 28 – 34 inches
Lifetime 10 – 12 years
Temperament Loyal, gentle, affectionate


The Akbash doesn’t have one of the longest body types, but its lean body and thick fur certainly help hide their longest legs. These are a special blend of gazehound and Mastiff planted with impressive staying power, strength, and courage.

10: Vizsla 

Vizsla tall skinny dog
Vizsla tall skinny dog

With her superior intellect and flexibility, the Vizsla was originally developed by Hungary’s nobility. These dogs were originally an intoxicating red color and extremely nimble. They had been bred by the Magyar people, a barbarian tribe that ravaged most of Western Europe during the 800s. They raised these first dogs to be all-around hunting dogs, and sturdy with a practical ability at whatever they were asked to do.

Breed Sporting Dog
Height 21 – 24 inches
Lifespan 12 – 14 years
Temperament Gentle, Energetic, Affectionate


But these dogs aren’t large, and their long slender form is designed for more speed than strength. They are quite comfortable accompanying horses to the hunt or standing beside an on-foot hunter as he works at his craft. These days, their versatility makes them fine companions and work animals.


Having the tall skinny dog breed is an asset that many sighthounds in the dog world share, but it is a trait shared by other breeds as well whose hunting skills are enhanced. But while the speed of sighthounds is well known, many other breeds have longer legs which help them in their work as well. So even terriers, which seem small next to a Great Dane, can have surprisingly long legs for their size.

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